Surface Pen, Ciscle Digital Stylus Pen: High-Precision 1.0mm, with 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity, Right Click and Erase Buttons for Surface Pro(2017), Surface Pro 4, Surface Laptop/Book

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Ciscle TW Surface Pen1
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Have you ever had a great idea, or, found yourself in the mood to be creative?

Now, you can simply pick up your Ciscle Digital Pen, instantly start your favorite pen-enabled apps, and begin noting or sketching down anything that comes into your mind.

The Ciscle Digital Pen is designed for an enhanced natural and authentic writing experience that is optimized for Windows Ink with MPP protocol.

The ease of use associated with the Ciscle Pen will turn the simple use of a high-tech smart stylus on a digital screen, into a holistic and natural creative experience.

High tech pressure sensing turns every stroke of Ciscle digital pen into a precision digital reflection of the user’s ideas.


Two easily replaceable soft and hard Nibs allow for a more personalized, authentic on-screen feel.

One of the main highlights of the Surface Pen is its realistic “pen-like” feel complete with excellent hand balancing nuances, and an ergonomic design aimed at providing our customers with a comfortable Pen-to-Hand fit for hours of use.


Enhance the speed of your work or creative project by using the two built-in Right-Click and Erase buttons.


- Disassembly of the Pen is not recommended.

- Keep away from temperatures that are above or below recommended thresholds.

- Avoid exposing this Pen to fire.

- Pen is designed as a standalone product. Not compatible with Bluetooth signals, or other device apps.

- OneNote shortcut not supported.

- Stylus Pen is not equipped with Magnetism.

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