Review: Ciscle Pressure Sensitivity Microsoft Surface Pro Pen

by John Doe
ciscle surface pro pen

The Upgraded Ciscle Surface Pen is a new model that will be launched in 2020, it has made the corresponding optimization and adjustment according to the previous customer feedback.

The body of the Ciscle Pen is designed in the exact same shape as the Surface Pen, which means that it's not completely round and has a flat surface on one side of the pen to allow for better grip/stop the pen from falling.

It has the feel of an Apple Pencil, its slimmer, has some heft to it and feels like a Pencil in real life.

Let me introduce its specific information to you.


The surface pen is equipped with a max 4096-level pressure sensitivity, allowing the ink to flow in real time with no delay or delay.

It's super sturdy that all you have to do is press down a little and it will give you a stroke. It feels lovely in the hand, is extremely responsive to the screen and also acts as a mouse if you set it to.

It allows you to color your drawings by tilting the tip like a graphite pencil, and 4096 pressure sensitivity works well in Photoshop and general drawing tests, it‘s you besdt partners if you are keen to sketing to sketching, as you can tilt the tip shade your creations.


Palm Rejection Function-East your palm on screen

The active pen offers a palm rejection function, allowing you to comfortably place your palm on the screen while using our pens.Don't worry about the palm of your hand leaving sporadic marks on the app's e-paper or even interrupting your writing.

Rocker Button



The buttons are really tactile but the placement is different from the surface pen. the Button near the tip is for erase and the button behind it is for a right click.

Built-in Right Click and Erase button design free customers from a total reliance on the use of a computer mouse.

The rocker button is low profile and unobtrusive. Pressing the forward button erases it and makes it easier to use, and it doesn't break your train of thought like flipping a pen. A back press on the rocker brings up the right-click menu.

Magnetic Adsorption


Magnetic Adsorption-Keeps the pen with your surface pro together

The pen has built-in magnetic so that you can attaching the stylus on the two sides of surface, magnet works well so not worried about loosing it which is good, it is more convenient to take outside or travel.

Device Compatibility

The following is a list of devices that are supported by ciscle surface pen:

Surface Pro 7/6/5/4/3, Surface Go, Surface Pro(2017), Surface Book/Book 2, Surface laptop 2/3, Surface Studio/ Studio 2, Surface Neo, Surface 3. * Not compatible with Surface Pro1/ Pro2/ RT*

In general, it’s a great pen at a really competitive price point. This pen is lighter than other surface pen. When you sketching it feels as if your charcoal classic pencil, the pen feels comfortable as it sketches on the screen.

Other strong points of Ciscle Pen are these:

- It charges with micro-USB cable. The Ciscle pen is charged via a micro-USB cable, making it more convenient than the Surface Pen that requires batteries to run.
- The pen comes with two different nibs: 2 hard nibs and 1 soft nib. The soft nib of the Ciscle stylus feels almost identical to the soft nib that comes with the real Surface Pen.
- Magnetic strip feature is also gets easy to move around with my surface sketch kit in around.
- The Ciscle Pen attaches to the side of the Surface via a magnetic strip that has the same pull strength as the Surface Pen, so it probably won't fall off easily.
- It’s quite aesthetically pleasing, and the barrel is metal which has a pleasing hand-feel.
- Automatic palm rejection, it’s an expectation for a pen. 
- No lag, excellent smooth response onscreen.
- Excellent 4096 pressure sensitivity.
- It times out it you forget to turn it off! You can tell if it is awake because it has a little green light, which dims after first turning it on.
- It has excellent ergonomics. The barrel is rounded with one flat side, it’s light but not flimsy—it has a good weight and feel in the hand.


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