Review: Ciscle 190 Stylus Pen with Ultra Fine Tip and Power-Saving

by John Doe
stylus pen

This stylus is designed specifically for writing or drawing on a touch screen, it will give you more precisely and smooth 1.45mm hyperfine points.

It can be used to writing, drawing, note-taking, sketching, digital signing by students, artists, businessmen and so on.

stylus pen

Operation is simple, just click the pen nib, the iPad pen can start work directly and will automatically shut down from 5 minutes idle for power-saving purpose.

stylus pen

As long as long-press the pen nib for 5 seconds, it will power off. It supports approximately 30 days standby, 15 hours continually working after fully charged of 1.5 hours.

The construction is sturdy, it feels balanced and has a nice quality weight to it. It comes with a lightning adaptor for charging, and lasts a long time on a single charge.

stylus pen

In order to meet the charging needs of different customers, this iPad Pencil adopts a lightning charging interface and is specially configured with a lightning adapter. There are two charging modes: use the attached Micro USB data cable + configured lightning adapter, or directly use the lightning cable of your iPad and iPhone. 


It also works the same as using your finger on the screen, albeit more accurately, and prevents germs and sticky fingerprints being transferred to your device screen.

It's slightly lighter in weight, accurate to use the battery is quick to charge (Ciscle advises completing a full charge first) and lasts longer than the Apple Pen and is MUCH cheaper!

If you want to try out drawing on a tablet, this is a good start. Coupled with a good art app like Procreate, this will help you learn without breaking the bank.


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