Things to Look For In the Best Stylus

by John Doe
things to look for

If you look for active styluses on Amazon or any other retail site, you will find tons of options. This can make it difficult to decide on the particular type that meets your needs. Luckily we have narrowed down these options by recommending an active stylus for every need. More specifically, we choose these top-rated active styli based on the following factors.



Different users will have different needs when it comes to the type of comfort and grip offered by a specific stylus pen. Some individuals prefer rubberized grips while others like angled grip surfaces.

But there are a couple of pointers that can help you find the perfect stylus. For one, the stylus should not cramp your hand or dig into your skin. Also, when you’re holding your stylus, you shouldn’t have to drag your hand on the display during use. Overall, you ought to find a stylus that feels comfortable to grip.


The best stylus is one that has the correct amount of resistance. By resistance we mean the friction that occurs between the stylus tip and the tablet’s screen. If the nib is too soft, you will have a difficult time controlling how you draw lines. On the other hand, if it’s too sticky, you’re likely to make errors or end up with sore hands because of gripping your stylus too tightly.

Balance and weight

The best stylus is one that has its weight distributed uniformly along its body. Even if it’s a regular stylus, it shouldn’t have more of its weight at the nib and less of it on the other end. It is this uneven weight distribution that makes it uncomfortable to grip for extended periods. It also makes it challenging to control the text or graphics that one is creating. This problem is particularly common among styli that don’t support palm rejection. With such a stylus, you have to keep your hand upright over the stylus.

The weight is another crucial aspect to account for. If the stylus is too bulky, it will end up cramping your hand. Similarly, a stylus that is too light will cause the same problems that would arise when using a soft nib, that is, poor control over your text.


With regards to accuracy, you should find a stylus that allows you to write consistently whenever you’re handwriting text. This means that there shouldn’t be any overlapping letters or uneven vertical spaces. On the same note, the best stylus for drawing is one that allows you to ink over the same line with precision.


The design of a stylus does not have a significant impact on how it works. The most important thing to consider is whether it can work well with your touch screen device. This is particularly so if you plan to use the stylus for office or career purposes. In such instances, you need to find a professional-looking stylus. Luckily, there are hundreds of flashy designs to choose form including office-themed styli.


As mentioned earlier, some styluses are specifically designed for particular devices. So before rushing to pay for your stylus, read the product description and determine the specific devices that it’s compatible with. If you’re buying a stylus for your Chromebook, first ensure that it can work with such devices. Also, you shouldn’t go for stylus pens advertised as universal because they don’t always work well with some gadgets.


Ideally, your stylus won’t require any advanced technology just so it can connect with your smartphone or iPad. Nonetheless, some styli are designed in such a way that they can make radio contact with your touchscreen device. Such styli utilize tiny transmitters that are directly connected to the smart gadget. There’s just one caveat with this stylus, that is, having to carry the transmitter wherever you go. On the bright side, transmitters let you use your stylus with devices that lack touchscreens.

Power Supply

Styluses designed for compatibility with capacitive displays require electricity. There are a couple of models that use rechargeable batteries. Others have disposable batteries, which need to be replaced once they run out. The power supply you pick will depend on your personal taste. However, it’s good to point out that an integrated power supply eliminates the need of constantly replacing or disposing of batteries.

Styli that use disposable batteries also offer one advantage, which is the fact that you can easily replace them and get your device working again even when there’s no outlet nearby.