Best Active Stylus: Sketch, Draw, and Write Efficiently

by John Doe
best active stylus

The perfect stylus to use with your android is the Ciscle electronic stylus. It’s well-suited for use with Samsung tablet, Android phones, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and LG. The only device that it cannot work with is windows system.

best active stylus 

Available in an outstanding black color, this stylus is great for taking notes, drawing as well as writing. It has a 2-in-1 design featuring a copper tip and a fiber tip. If you want to be accurate and flexible when drawing or writing, the copper tip will come in handy. The fiber tip is recommended for use when the power is off. When you’re done using your stylus, you can keep in in the provided case for protection.

Ciscle electronic stylus also boasts effective power management. When fully charged, the stylus can work for 12 hours. When it runs low, you’ll need to charge it using the micro USB cable for at least 1 hour.

Ciscle is one of the best standalone active stylus pens on the market. It simply means that it does not require Bluetooth connectivity or apps for it to function. Made from a blend of copper and stainless steel, this stylus is compatible with android tablet, iPhone and iPad1/2. However, it cannot work with windows system.

The tip of this stylus is about 1.6 mm; hence, providing you with precision, control and excellent traction against your device. Ciscle stylus comes with a micro USB cable and supports a one-month standby time. We also like its power saving feature, which automatically switches the stylus off following 5 minutes of inactivity.



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