About Stylus -- Let you know what is a stylus

by John Doe
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What is a Stylus?

Also referred to as a touch pen, a stylus is a stick-shaped device used in operating touch screens. This could range from the touch screens for laptop to hand-held gadgets like PDAs, tablets and obviously, smartphones.


Styli feature soft, plastic-made cores with the outer shells made of tough materials so that they’re easy to hold. At the end of the soft core is a uniquely designed tip, which has to be placed on the touch screen so as to operate. The tip is also soft, a factor that prevents the stylus from damaging your screen. Put simply; a stylus serves as a substitute for your fingers. You can input commands or text without necessary using your fingers.


Advantages of Using a Stylus

A majority of individuals navigate their gadgets using finger gestures. This group of people consider using their fingers a highly intuitive process. However, using a stylus is a better choice in some instances.


For starters, using a stylus provides a high level of accuracy and precision. Sure, you can use your fingers, but they often touch too wide an area on the screen. In contrast, the fine tip of a stylus touches a very precise and small section. This way, you’re able to navigate your device with ease, especially when it comes to selecting the small-sized symbols on your screen. The precision that comes with using a stylus is particularly handy for artists and graphic designers who use sophisticated editing programs. Styli make it incredibly easy to move brushes among other tools, which would otherwise be difficult to navigate using an ordinary mouse.


With a stylus, you can perform a ton of functions on your screen including painting and drawing. In fact, it’s even possible to trace a paper directly onto your smartphone’s display. And if you’re using the stylus in conjunction with a graphics tablet, you’re free to adjust the size of your brush by altering the amount of pressure you exert with the stylus.


Another plus of a stylus is the fact that it will never leave the unsightly fingerprints that are left on your screen when you navigate using your fingers. Without a stylus, the display becomes covered in fingerprints so quickly that it becomes difficult to read. This is an important feature, particularly for persons who use their smart devices outdoors.


Also, fingerprints make it harder to view text and graphics in bright daylight. With a stylus, the screen will always be sparkling, allowing you to navigate your device at any time; be it in the wee hours of the night or daytime.