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Review: Ciscle creative stylus for ipad, iphone tablet | Silver-G06

by John Doe
ciscle stylus pen

The Ciscle creative stylus G06 is beautiful and practical, making it one of the best gift choices.  The entire capacitive pen is very light and easy to carry.

Very nice build quality, made from a nice alloy metal and feels very nice to hold.

stylus pen

Simply power it on and it just starts working, there’s no need to pair it by Bluetooth or anything, it just works when powered on, and you can use it on different devices straight away.

The styli charged via USB cable when the battery is low, you can charge the stylus batteries in any Apple or Samsung USB adaptor, Laptop and power bank.

The device switches off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity to save electricity. By charging for 10 minutes, you can work for 3 hours, so a very high efficiency can be guaranteed.

stylus pen

And one of the really nice things about this stylus was that if your palm touches the iPad it won't move it around or ruin your work. It draws so smoothly too. Which was perfect for note taking during class.

This pen is evenly balanced which makes writing with it on a touch screen easy and efficient. The pen feels sturdy in the hand.

With the built-in grip the pen doesn’t slip out of the hand as most other stylus type pens would.

stylus pen

The pen has a rough metal edge at the end to prevent the pen from falling off, and there are also indicator LED lights to indicate.

The upgrade ultra-fine 1.45mm copper stylus pencil is like apple pencil, no hysteresis/breakpoint, reduce writing errors, writing is more precise and smooth, and it can depict smaller strokes, which will give you the natural feel of pencils working on paper.

The super fine point, you can get very accurate drawings on the screen. Doesn’t scratch the screen either as it’s a smooth rounded end.

stylus pen

It would be a perfect replacement for the apple pen because it's affordable and great quality! This stylus pen is just like a normal pen but better!

Professional creation is as simple as a pencil. Press lightly on the top of the pen. You can open it right away and it feels like writing on real paper. The included pen holder is easy to carry and prevents the stylus from getting lost.

This super capacity pen which is compatible with Apple iOS devices and Android devices.including Apple iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo tablets.,Android phones.


The poor quality screen protector with poor quality leads to poor electrical conductivity. If you use this stylus for iPad, deactivate the "Draw only with Apple Pencil" option. All lines from this pen are the same thickness.

This stylus has no Palm-Rejection, so you have to pay attention to the position of your palm when you use it.


The performance of the stylus varies slightly on different iPads, and more specifically there may be subtle deviations.

In short, It's easy to take notes, chart and draw on your phone and tablet, and it works great. And in terms of price, it's very reasonable and good value for money.

Find the best partner for your Windows touch screen device

by John Doe
ciscle stylus pen

This Ciscle Stylus Pen is made of refined aluminum and Black color which looks and feels like an actual pencil. Pen Clip can protect the stylus from missing or drop. It was specifically designed for creative work, it is the best digital stylus pen.

This stylus pen makes the drawing, sketching and painting a pleasant experience. With this stylus, you can enjoy an experience closer to writing on paper than using a finger on the tablet’s glass display.


FOR WINDOWS INK: This Stylus Pen is Compatible with pen-enabled Windows ink devices using MPP, which gives you high-quality experience on writing, drawing, marking, and entertainment.

HIGH SENSITIVITY: With 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and low initial activation force, this Stylus pen can ensure precisely sketch with virtually no lag and offer a natural feel as smooth as pen on paper. Instant response, perfect for hand writing, drawing, marking, signing and so on.

EASY TO USE: The Adrawpen Stylus Pen has been designed with user friendliness in mind, thus it does not require any bluetooth pairing or additional driver installation to function. To ensure more efficiency and comfort our pen was equipped with a built-in "Right-Click" and "Erase" button. You can freely use the pen without the necessity of a computer mouse.


Ergonomic Design: Slim sleek and professional, it gives you a real pen feeling, a creative tool that is unmatched by other techniques to work on a tablet.

Precise Accuracy: Innovative tip design makes it easy to turn a page, pick a movie, draw a picture and keeps pesky fingerprints off your glossy screen.

Replaceable Nibs: This Stylus Pen comes with two replaceable nibs, which give you a durable and the best using experience.

Integrated Pocket Clip: Integrated metal clip for easily attaching to pockets and tablet cases. No need to worry about losing the pen.

The journey is long and it takes a long time. This pen can meet you needs, has a long standby time and is easy to carry. It is also very comfortable to use, with no delay or lag. It feels nice in my hand. It has the right weight.


Package: This pen comes in a standard case with an AAAA battery, two additional tips, and a little clip to remove the tips as mentioned in the description. You can use the case to store it when it is not in use.

Setup: It is very simple to set up. All you need to do is follow the instructions to install the battery and then it is ready to be used. It has no Bluetooth so pairing ins not required and you do not a special software to get it to work.

Ease of use: This pen works brilliantly, It is responsive, glides smoothly over the screen, even if the hand touches the screen, it can still draw without any problem. It has several pressure levels and very good response and accuracy.

The surface pen was released in 2018 and newer models, these are compatible devices:

  • Microsoft Surface 3/ Surface laptop 2/3 /Surface Studio 2 /Surface Go/Neo
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7/6/5/4/3 /Microsoft Surface Book 2/Microsoft New Surface Pro
  • ASUS Transformer Mini T102HA/T103HAF /ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303UA
  • HP Spectre x360 13 Convertible /HP Spectre x2 /HP Spectre x360 Convertible
  • Dell Inspiron 5378 2-in-1 /Dell Inspiron 5379 2-in-1
  • Dell Inspiron 5578 2-in-1 /Dell Inspiron 5579 2-in-1

This pen is priced well and is of good quality. Accurate and smooth tracking, palm rejection and buttons for erase + right-click. Pressure sensitivity works in a good amount of apps as well.

It is also excellent for simple browsing and use of your laptop if you do not want to leave smudges on your touch screen. The price is also very competitive, it will be a good choice for you.

Review: Ciscle Pressure Sensitivity Microsoft Surface Pro Pen

by John Doe
ciscle surface pro pen

The Upgraded Ciscle Surface Pen is a new model that will be launched in 2020, it has made the corresponding optimization and adjustment according to the previous customer feedback.

The body of the Ciscle Pen is designed in the exact same shape as the Surface Pen, which means that it's not completely round and has a flat surface on one side of the pen to allow for better grip/stop the pen from falling.

It has the feel of an Apple Pencil, its slimmer, has some heft to it and feels like a Pencil in real life.

Let me introduce its specific information to you.


The surface pen is equipped with a max 4096-level pressure sensitivity, allowing the ink to flow in real time with no delay or delay.

It's super sturdy that all you have to do is press down a little and it will give you a stroke. It feels lovely in the hand, is extremely responsive to the screen and also acts as a mouse if you set it to.

It allows you to color your drawings by tilting the tip like a graphite pencil, and 4096 pressure sensitivity works well in Photoshop and general drawing tests, it‘s you besdt partners if you are keen to sketing to sketching, as you can tilt the tip shade your creations.


Palm Rejection Function-East your palm on screen

The active pen offers a palm rejection function, allowing you to comfortably place your palm on the screen while using our pens.Don't worry about the palm of your hand leaving sporadic marks on the app's e-paper or even interrupting your writing.

Rocker Button



The buttons are really tactile but the placement is different from the surface pen. the Button near the tip is for erase and the button behind it is for a right click.

Built-in Right Click and Erase button design free customers from a total reliance on the use of a computer mouse.

The rocker button is low profile and unobtrusive. Pressing the forward button erases it and makes it easier to use, and it doesn't break your train of thought like flipping a pen. A back press on the rocker brings up the right-click menu.

Magnetic Adsorption


Magnetic Adsorption-Keeps the pen with your surface pro together

The pen has built-in magnetic so that you can attaching the stylus on the two sides of surface, magnet works well so not worried about loosing it which is good, it is more convenient to take outside or travel.

Device Compatibility

The following is a list of devices that are supported by ciscle surface pen:

Surface Pro 7/6/5/4/3, Surface Go, Surface Pro(2017), Surface Book/Book 2, Surface laptop 2/3, Surface Studio/ Studio 2, Surface Neo, Surface 3. * Not compatible with Surface Pro1/ Pro2/ RT*

In general, it’s a great pen at a really competitive price point. This pen is lighter than other surface pen. When you sketching it feels as if your charcoal classic pencil, the pen feels comfortable as it sketches on the screen.

Other strong points of Ciscle Pen are these:

- It charges with micro-USB cable. The Ciscle pen is charged via a micro-USB cable, making it more convenient than the Surface Pen that requires batteries to run.
- The pen comes with two different nibs: 2 hard nibs and 1 soft nib. The soft nib of the Ciscle stylus feels almost identical to the soft nib that comes with the real Surface Pen.
- Magnetic strip feature is also gets easy to move around with my surface sketch kit in around.
- The Ciscle Pen attaches to the side of the Surface via a magnetic strip that has the same pull strength as the Surface Pen, so it probably won't fall off easily.
- It’s quite aesthetically pleasing, and the barrel is metal which has a pleasing hand-feel.
- Automatic palm rejection, it’s an expectation for a pen. 
- No lag, excellent smooth response onscreen.
- Excellent 4096 pressure sensitivity.
- It times out it you forget to turn it off! You can tell if it is awake because it has a little green light, which dims after first turning it on.
- It has excellent ergonomics. The barrel is rounded with one flat side, it’s light but not flimsy—it has a good weight and feel in the hand.

Review: Ciscle 190 Stylus Pen with Ultra Fine Tip and Power-Saving

by John Doe
stylus pen

This stylus is designed specifically for writing or drawing on a touch screen, it will give you more precisely and smooth 1.45mm hyperfine points.

It can be used to writing, drawing, note-taking, sketching, digital signing by students, artists, businessmen and so on.

stylus pen

Operation is simple, just click the pen nib, the iPad pen can start work directly and will automatically shut down from 5 minutes idle for power-saving purpose.

stylus pen

As long as long-press the pen nib for 5 seconds, it will power off. It supports approximately 30 days standby, 15 hours continually working after fully charged of 1.5 hours.

The construction is sturdy, it feels balanced and has a nice quality weight to it. It comes with a lightning adaptor for charging, and lasts a long time on a single charge.

stylus pen

In order to meet the charging needs of different customers, this iPad Pencil adopts a lightning charging interface and is specially configured with a lightning adapter. There are two charging modes: use the attached Micro USB data cable + configured lightning adapter, or directly use the lightning cable of your iPad and iPhone. 


It also works the same as using your finger on the screen, albeit more accurately, and prevents germs and sticky fingerprints being transferred to your device screen.

It's slightly lighter in weight, accurate to use the battery is quick to charge (Ciscle advises completing a full charge first) and lasts longer than the Apple Pen and is MUCH cheaper!

If you want to try out drawing on a tablet, this is a good start. Coupled with a good art app like Procreate, this will help you learn without breaking the bank.

Ciscle Active Rechargeable Stylus with 2mm tip review

by John Doe

The new active rechargeable stylus from Ciscle is an upgrade on their previous active stylus. The body is made of good quality aluminium. It’s shaped like a carpenters pencil (i.e. oblong), which is a comfortable fit in hand.  14cm is a good length for most users and longer than some other stylii at the same price.

5 Min Auto Power Off and 1.5mm Fine Point Copper Tip, Rechargeable Pencil Compatible with iPad Pro, iPhone, Samsung, Android Tablets.

The writing experience is very smooth and it feels natural and fast for both writing and drawing. At £25 in UK it is also good value. The 1.5mm fine tip has a very good action on most screens we tested and the capacitive intensity can be adjusted for personal taste.


This shows the Ciscle rechargeable surface pro pen being with 4096 pressure sensitivity.

The upgrade Ciscle smart pen is equipped with max 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which makes the ink flow in real time with no lag or latency.

Built-in Right Click and Erase button design free customers from a total reliance on the use of a computer mouse, there built-in magnetic so that you can attaching the stylus on the two sides of Surface. In addition, the rechargeable smart pen (including Micro USB cable) can work for 80 hours after 20 minutes of charging.


Pack of contents with Ciscle Stylus Pen Compatible for Apple iPad

No Bluetooth and any Apps connection required. This iPad pen with Micro USB cable(Included) supports 15 hours continuous use only for 1.5 hours charging time.

The iPad stylus pen is compatible with IOS and Android devices such as iPad Pro, iPad 2018, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus as like apple pencil does. All Android devices can be supported well, including Samsung, Lenovo tablet. Not suitable for Windows System.


All in all a very good stylus for the money as long as it works with your tablet or phone (see above).

Best Active Stylus: Sketch, Draw, and Write Efficiently

by John Doe
best active stylus

The perfect stylus to use with your android is the Ciscle electronic stylus. It’s well-suited for use with Samsung tablet, Android phones, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and LG. The only device that it cannot work with is windows system.

best active stylus 

Available in an outstanding black color, this stylus is great for taking notes, drawing as well as writing. It has a 2-in-1 design featuring a copper tip and a fiber tip. If you want to be accurate and flexible when drawing or writing, the copper tip will come in handy. The fiber tip is recommended for use when the power is off. When you’re done using your stylus, you can keep in in the provided case for protection.

Ciscle electronic stylus also boasts effective power management. When fully charged, the stylus can work for 12 hours. When it runs low, you’ll need to charge it using the micro USB cable for at least 1 hour.

Ciscle is one of the best standalone active stylus pens on the market. It simply means that it does not require Bluetooth connectivity or apps for it to function. Made from a blend of copper and stainless steel, this stylus is compatible with android tablet, iPhone and iPad1/2. However, it cannot work with windows system.

The tip of this stylus is about 1.6 mm; hence, providing you with precision, control and excellent traction against your device. Ciscle stylus comes with a micro USB cable and supports a one-month standby time. We also like its power saving feature, which automatically switches the stylus off following 5 minutes of inactivity.


Apple Pencil vs. Microsoft Surface Pen: Do more than just circle stuff

by John Doe
apple pencil

Apple’s newly revealed 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the first modern Apple device compatible with a stylus since the Newton Message Pad, released more than 20 years ago.

Apple’s stylus for iPad Pro is not simply any old stylus. It’s not even called a stylus. The Apple Pencil, unveiled alongside the iPad Pro, is designed and engineered to look and act more like a traditional pencil than a digital stylus.

The iPad Pro takes on the Surface Pro 3 as a productivity tool and, since the stylus (or Pencil) is an integral part of using these devices, we took a look at how the Apple Pencil stacks up against Microsoft’s Surface Pen.


Compatibility: Microsoft’s Surface and Surface Pro 3 2-in-1 tablets.

Pressure sensitivity: 256 levels of pressure sensitivity; creates thicker, darker lines the harder you push. The Surface Pen also incorporates palm block technology to allow you to rest your palm on the screen without interfering with the Surface Pen’s input.

Size: 9.5 millimeters in diameter, 137 millimeters long, and weighs 0.81 ounces.

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0. User has to manually pair the Surface Pen to the Surface tablet by going to PC > Device > Bluetooth Settings while holding down a button on the Surface Pen.

Buttons: Right-Click button, Eraser button, and dedicated one click to OneNote button.

Power: One disposable AAAA battery or two 319 coin cell batteries.

Color: Silver, black, dark blue, and red.

Price: Included with the Surface Pro 3 or sold separately for $49.99.

As highlighted last year by Josh Lowensohn in an article for The Verge, almost all of Microsoft’s 30-second ad spots only show the Surface Pen used to draw circles on the screen. You’d be forgiven then for thinking drawing circles is all the Surface Pen is good for.

As Lowensohn himself points out later in his article, the Surface Pen is good for far more.

The top button is dedicated to one-click OneNote access (Microsoft’s note-taking app). One click opens a blank note (even if the Surface is locked or asleep), ready to write on and automatically saved. A second click closes OneNote. Clicking the top button twice takes a screenshot of whatever is on the Surface’s screen.

The Surface Pen is useful for a variety of tasks normally associated with traditional pen and paper, including writing and drawing on the screen (converted to text), highlighting and writing on PDFs in a range of apps like OneNote, Adobe Creative Cloud, Fresh Paint, and Drawboard PDF.

More technical uses are also possible with support for AutoCAD 360 and Bluebeam Revu to annotate, design and document projects.


Compatibility: Apple iPad Pro

Pressure sensitivity: Apple hasn’t shared any hard data but said it re-engineered the iPad’s touch subsystem to accurately measure both finger and stylus input on the same plane. According to Apple, the touch subsystem now scans twice as often in order to capture more points per stroke.

As for the Apple Pencil, responsive sensors built into its tip works with the iPad Pro to detect position, force, and tilt. Tilt detection appears to be one of the biggest differentiators for Apple Pencil – more on that later.

As with the Surface Pen, a light press delivers a thin stroke while a harder press gives you a darker, bolder stroke. While Apple did not specifically mention palm blocking technology, it appears to be included as the demos showed the Apple Pencil being used with the user’s palm resting on the screen in many instances.

Tilt detection is achieved by signals emitted from two locations in the tip calculating the angle and orientation of the Apple Pencil to deliver broad or shaded strokes.

The Apple Pencil can be used simultaneously with your finger.

Size: No details have been released, but the Apple Pencil is round and longer than a traditional stylus.

Connectivity: Lightning connector under the removable magnetic cap at the top used to pair the Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro via automatic Bluetooth connectivity.

Buttons: None

Power: The Apple Pencil recharges by connecting it to the iPad Pro via the Lightning connector. According to Apple a full charge will allow 12 hours of use and just 15 seconds of charge will provide up to 30 minutes of use.

Color: White (Plastic finish)

Price: Sold separately for $99.

Apple Pencil works with apps like Mail, Notes, Procreate, the popular Paper by FiftyThree, and Office 365 for iPad as well as a number of specialized apps.

Microsoft has optimized its Office suite for iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil with a new Inking feature. Using the Apple Pencil, you can annotate documents, draw sketches, highlight text, and more.

Adobe demonstrated the Apple Pencil’s capabilities when used with Adobe Creative Cloud apps and it is here where the tilt recognition really leaps out at you as a standout feature. For example, a watercolor brush effect for Apple Pencil changes the paint-to-water mixture as you change the tilt of the Pencil, allowing artists and designers to adjust the degree to which colors mix after making a stroke.

For more technical applications, the Apple Pencil can be employed for design and prototyping in AutoCad, UMake (a next-gen 3D sketching app for iOS) or digitally marking up anatomical graphics and images with 3D4Medical.


Best iPad Pro Drawing Apps of 2020 for Your Creative and Artistic Kids

by John Doe
kid stylus

There’s probably nothing as creative as drawing, sketching, painting. Kids who have the inclination to draw, to sketch and to paint must be encouraged as much as possible to continue. This is one of the coolest things about humans: our creativity.

With technology helping us be more creative in our life, you’ll find dozens of great iPad drawing apps for kids. We tried to narrow down to five of the best drawing apps on the iPad (for kids). Check out and tell us about your favorites too:


2020’s Best iPad Pro Drawing Apps for Kids

#1. Pigment

If you are looking for a drawing app to bolster the creativity of your kids, Pigment would be a top-notch option. Featuring artistic tools, it helps kids bring out their creativity. There are 11 coloring tools such as, airbrush, fade, bloom, watercolor, metallic brush which make drawing fun.

It supports both Apple Pencil and third-party stylus. As it automatically adjusts pressure, direction as well as, the size of stroke using Apple Pencil, your kid will love doodling. The huge artwork collection with more than 1400 demonstrations offers the needed guidance on how to create awesome doodles.


#2. Autodesk SketchBook

This one is a cutout for the folks who want a complete package. The biggest highlight of Autodesk SketchBook is the extensive collection of over 170 brushes that enable you to draw wonderful arts. The other notable thing about it is that you can customize your favorite brushes in line with your requirement.

The rapid UI mode allows you to quickly access tools. As it’s been optimized to work with the dominant iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, you will be able to create a professional design. Through in-app purchase, you will unlock pro tools to make this app even more lethal.


#3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Take your creativity to an all new level with this stunning drawing app. It has a huge collection of pens, markers, brushes to let you decorate your design immaculately. With it, you can create a terrific watercolor painting. It allows you to add multiple images and drawing layers to make it ultra-convenient to merge or transform them.

There are 14 high-quality tools to let you adjust opacity, color, size with precision. To make the task a bit easier, organize your favorite tools and colors in the toolbar. Better still, it supports several stylus such as Adonit, Wacom, Pencil by 53 and Apple Pencil.


#4. Drawing Desk

“Drawing Desk” has been designed to entertain all groups of people. It features four modes such as kids desk, sketch desk, double desk, and photo desk. Kids desk allows kids to draw comfortably with stickers, stamps as well as several effects.

Sketch desk lets you draw using the creative brush, watercolor, pencil. Live brush and stroke effects enable you to enhance the quality of your photos. Thanks to 3D brushes, color pallets, and stamps, it makes doodling such as excellent experience.


#5. Magic Doodle: Movie Color&Draw

Magic Doodle makes doodling an absolute delight for little kids. With the support of 20 brushes such as rainbow, fireworks, neon, crayon brush, it provides more options and the needed convenience to draw elegantly. The brush size and color are automatically adjusted to make drawing more easy-going.

It features video mode to let parents check out how the kid created the doodle. Kids can easily import family photos to draw beautifully and bring their creativity to the fore. The built-in gallery stores all the drawing photos as well as draw procedure. Hence, you can start off from where you left.


#6. Tayasui Sketches

Top quality tools are one of the main secrets of impressive drawing. Tayasui Sketches, with 20 highly user-friendly tools, is an ideal app to sketch adorable drawing. The watercolor wet brushes and brushes editor and color eyedropper give the decisive edge to draw.

With the pressure stylus support, it makes your drawing a fabulous experience as you discover more innovative brushes while using Apple Pencil. It lets you organize your drawings in folders which you can personalize as per your need.


#7. Graphic

The graphic may be one of the most expensive drawing apps but it has the quality to live up to the billing. What stands it out is the collection of a great many superior tools that allow you to draw awesome art. The highly effective brush and pencil tools allow you to draw flawlessly.

With the use of multiple layers, you can perfectly pull off even intricate designs. There is a smart pen tool to create neat shape. That’s not all, the multi-style text support enables you to beautify your text to your best liking.


#8. Inspire Pro

I’m really charmed by the precision with which this app lets you draw. It doesn’t matter whether you have tons of experience or want to have a good grip on creating an appreciable design, Inspire Pro will ideally fit your needs. The drawing app has a colossal library of a number of top quality brushes which have been divided into different sets.

You can use all the brushes as wet, dry or erase. There are 20 settings to let you customize the brushes. Even better, you can create a canvas of any size up to 16K on your iPad Pro.


#9. ArtRage

With ArtRage, the drawing would come naturally to you. Adorable simulation of real paint on iPad not just boosts user-experience but also augments the quality of the drawing. Endowed with a range of handy tools such as Google pen, glitter tube, flood fill, crayon, it enormously assists you in creating excellent art.

The present support lets you save settings to use them later. There are tons of layers having photoshop standard blend mode, opacity as well as visibility controls to give your drawing the killer punch.


#10. Drawing Box Free

Drawing Box Free is probably the best misleading art app on the store. The interface looks like it’s a kids app (or even less), but it truly is an excellent drawing app both for kids and teenagers. The free version of this app has enough tools and enough room to let you create some cool artwork on the iPad.

Top it up with a lot of stickers and pictures for coloring activity, you have a killer app that will keep your kid occupied and working on something creative. Drawing Box Free comes with an IAP for drawing lessons too. Worth it.



Ciscle blog to review the Active vs Capacitive Stylus

by John Doe

There are many types of stylus on the market, but there are two types: active stylus and capacitive stylus.

When you need a stylus for your tablet or phone, you should know the differences and characteristics between an active and a capacitive stylus so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

The following I will help you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages and characteristics of each stylus and related technical content.


Merit and demerit of capacitive pens

Advantages as follows:

For more precise work, like drawing or writing, the disc tip provides much better flexibility and accuracy. Another advantage of this type of tip is that with the disc being transparent, you can see what you are writing. It also ensures that you don't scratch the screen, preventing your fingers from getting grease and dirt on the screen.

Batteries are usually not needed, these pens usually don't need a battery and can be connected to a tablet via Bluetooth for more functionality.

Compatible with all capacities touch screen devices, the stylus works on iOS, Android and Windows tablets, All iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Note, LG, Motorola, Sony, iOS android or other tablets and phones.

They're cheap, there's not a lot of technology involved to prove its value, so it's generally cheap.

Disadvantages as follows:

No palm rejection function, tablet computers can't distinguish stylus tip from fingers. Even the best Apple Pencil can't completely eliminate the ability of palm rejection. Therefore, when you draw with a capacitive stylus, lift your hand off the screen to prevent other gestures.

No pressure sensitivity, the capacitive stylus doesn't have the ability to sense the pressure you're applying to the pen, so you can't get pressure sensitivity with a capacitive stylus.

Jitters are a problem with digital "capacitive" stylus, the main drawback of capacitive stylus is that when slowly drawing diagonals, these lines tend to be affected by jitters and become wavy, which is more noticeable with some stylus. This digital stylus can only be used with certain devices.


Merit and demerit of active pens

Advantages as follows:

They are pressure sensitive, this is the pursuit of many experts, which makes the ink flow in real time with no lag or latency.the digital pen is simply more sensitive than any stylus pen in the world, allowing for shading or increased detail when drawing. Perfect for handwriting, drawing, marking, signing and taking notes, truly accurate handwriting reproduction.

They have the perfect palm rejection function, the stylus pen offers a palm rejection function which allows you to rest your palm comfortably on the screen while using our pen. A hover mode appears when the pen is near the screen, and a cursor appears. The device will know there is a stylus, and any other contact will be treated as invalid, so you can place your hand wherever you like.

They have more functions, they may have features like magnetic attachment, mouse mode and eraser mode, and eraser modes to speed up your work and creativity, saving you time to come up with new ideas.

Disadvantages as follows:

More expensive, compared with the capacitive pen, its price is more expensive, the Apple Pencil is now available for $100.

Required Application Support, to be fully functional, the Active Stylus requires operating system and application support.

Compatibility problem, they only support specific devices, and the significant drawback is that they can only be used with the devices they build. For example, the Microsoft Surface Pen only supports Microsoft Surface products, so know when you buy if it supports your device.

To summarize

Choosing the best stylus for you depends on the tablet you use.

IOS devices: If you're using an iPad Pro, the best stylus is the Apple Pencil, but if you don't feel you need one, look for a better alternative.

Android and Windows devices: There aren't many digital stylus options available compared to iOS devices. Therefore, it mainly boils down to simple capacitive and active measuring needle.

The best active stylus is the stylus used to design tablets. If your tablet does not specify that it can be used with an active stylus, it cannot be used with a stylus. To find the right stylus for your tablet, it's important to understand their capabilities, value, and compatibility.