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China, Shenzhen  – Starting 2019, Ciscle has outperformed more than double the amount of its sales revenue over the past years, since the very first launch of the stylus pen, on the Japanese market in 2015. 

Ciscle officials have positive expectations for this year and see the sales rising in 2019.  

What started out as a small business with 2 people selling on Amazon in 2015 has grown to a multinational company withing 4 years. The idea behind selling stylus pens, was creating a functioning alternative for diverse touchscreen devices. By entering the Japanese market for the first time, Ciscle sucessfully made a total revenue of $3 million in the first year.

The company combined its main goal of creating a universal pen that could be used on several tablets and smartphones, with the incentive of providing excellent customer service for a decent price. CEO and founder of Ciscle declared “our goal is to focus on the customers needs”. 

The growing demand over the years lead the company to expand rapidly overseas. January 2017 Ciscle officially started shipping out products worldwide to the United States and European countries including Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France. For the first time Ciscle had documented a sales revenue of $10 million in 2018, outperforming the previous sales significantly.

The key of Ciscle’s philosophy is pursuing the vision of „creating products just as high in quality as our customer service“ commented a spokesman . Penetrating multinational markets was one step into the right direction, being followed by future products  with even better quality and higher technology are going to be launched in 2019.