Surface Pen
Palm Rejection & Magenetic Attachment
High-efficency Charge, Long Battery Life
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Stylus Pen for iPad
Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Feeling
1.45mm fine point tip, more precisely and smoothly
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Active Stylus
Universal Compatible
High Accuracy & Smooth Writing
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Battery life is good, and can be recharged from the same cable (lightning) as my iPad so all is well!
- Paul
It just works. No setting up or pairing needed, you just press the nib and it turns on. Worked all all perfectly. My daughter uses it for drawing and colouring.
- MR Wareham
I can’t imagine using my iPhone 8+ without this now. I stuck it to my case and it’s brilliant - feels so much more secure in my hand.
- Jake Mclean
This pen is far lighter than the Surface Pen and has an better hand-feel. It makes the pen easier to manipulate as well.
- Grace T